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Become UNIGNORABLE and build your personal brand

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Become unignorable


How would it feel to build a successful personal brand over the next 30 days? One that is authentic and really works for you? Without spending a fortune or hours each day on social media?  

We all know it is almost impossible to be successful in business today if you are invisible. 

So why not use the next few weeks to build your personal brand and boost your career? Let's do it together.

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Meet Oliver


Oliver is one of Europe’s leading communications and personal branding experts. He is on a mission to help people reach their full potential and share their unique voice with the world. 

As founder and CEO of a leading communications consultancy, he is a trusted advisor to many high-profile individuals and organisations.

“To truly make an impact you need to be unignorable. Motivation, resilience and a great personal brand helped me to achieve this and I believe it can work for you too. Don’t just be so good they can’t ignore you… be so good you’re unignorable.” – Oliver

He co-hosts a category-defining podcast on CEO communications, has written two books on the same subject and shares his strategies in a blog on personal branding. His third book, Unignorable, will be published in September. 


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''How I TRANSFORMED my career''


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The 30-day Personal Branding Programme


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  • Proven method to launch your personal brand in 30 days
  • Half-day bootcamp with Oliver will fast-track your success
  • Monthly Ask-me-Anything sessions with Oliver
  • Online course with 9 modules
  • Personal branding workbook
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Let’s do it together!

Personal Coaching Experience

€2200 monthly

  • Bespoke, tailor-made mentorship programme with Oliver
  • Strategic guidance to make the most of your personal brand
  • All-encompassing experience to help you achieve your specific goals



*Please note that capacity is strictly limited and there is currently a waiting list.

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100% Money-back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our service and course, we guarantee you a full refund within two weeks of time of purchase. Send us an email at hello@oliveraust.com to process your request. 

What people are saying

Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO at Caissa Global 

“I learnt the fundamentals of personal branding and boosted my visibility online. The membership gave me the tools to brand myself and my business with professionalism. After the first month, I was sure this was right for me." 

Chelsea Blacker, Business Consultant at Project Oben

"I joined the 30-day programme and loved every bit of the journey. The structure of the course was designed for efficiency and results. I’m more confident now in how I position myself online and offline."


Holger Wieck, Strategic Leader at M2P consulting

“The 30-day programme helped me to position myself with confidence, whilst building my online presence. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with Oliver to answer my queries.”

Rebecca Schween, Managing Director & Co-founder at Future Sales

"I found the whole experience really inspiring, learning how to develop my ideas and incorporate my personal experiences and then applying them to our business. I started seeing a difference from day one." 

Start the journey now

As part of the 30-day Personal Branding Programme...

The Unignorable Bootcamp

This half-day bootcamp will give you the framework to build your personal brand and develop a tailor-made strategy to help you get started straight away. This bootcamp will be intensive and yes, a lot of hard work. But you will get results! Fast!

Over the course of the bootcamp you will develop your personal narrative, create your content compass, choose your branding toolbox and leave with a social media strategy that you can start implementing today to build your online reputation. 

What are you waiting for? Make sure you don't miss the next bootcamp by purchasing the 30-day personal branding programme today. 

Don't miss out!
Oliver Aust

Unignorable: Oliver's new book available on 13 October!


The invisible don’t build great businesses. The unignorable do. In the digital age, being good at your job is no longer enough. To be truly successful, you must be both talented and visible. Building an authentic personal brand is the key to getting the recognition you deserve and the opportunities you dream of.


Everyone has a reputation. So why not build a reputation you love? One that is authentic, plays to your strengths and boosts your business. In Unignorable, Oliver guides you through a 30-day process of building your personal brand online and offline. You will work on your mindset, motivation, method and message. By the end of the four weeks, you will have a tailor-made personal branding strategy and the skills required to execute it with maximum success. You will have learned how to become truly unignorable. In uncertain times, your reputation is your greatest asset.


Available on 13 October
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