The Unignorable Course

Build your personal brand in 30 days 

What you get

  • Build your personal brand in 30 days with the online course
  • With 2 modules a week, you are set to build a great brand in 30 days
  • We send you weekly reminders to keep you on track
  • Follow the course with your personal branding workbook
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Oliver Aust
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Buy now for €97

Why 30 days?


Oliver guides you through a 30-day process of building an online and offline presence. What will you learn in those 30 days? 

Week #1:
Why build a personal brand?
How to write about myself 

Week #2:
Cracking the LinkedIn code
Using Instagram as a professional

Week #3:
Build your personal website 
Stop networking, start connecting 

Week #4:
Public speaking 

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