15 minutes to your perfect bio

bio linkedin Jul 18, 2020
Writing about yourself is really hard. Yet everyone needs to master it. 

Here’s a simple way to write your perfect bio in 15 minutes.
  1. Start with the sentence “I am…”. Keep it simple. This is your opening sentence and should refer directly to your profession and/or passion.

  2. Follow up with “I help… to…. “, where you talk about your purpose. This is key. Explain how your profession and/or passion relates to other people.

  3. Your proof points. To make your bio compelling and trustworthy, draw in examples of what you have done in the past. This is your opportunity to shine. Show that you are a trusted advisor in your field.

  4. Finish off with a call-to-action. You want to captivate your audience further: invite them to your website, schedule a call, or lead them to watch your latest videos.
Need some guidance? Here is the bio I use to present myself in writing and in person:
"I am one of Europe’s leading communications and personal branding experts. I help high-profile individuals and organisations to reach their full potential and share their unique voice with the world. 
I co-host a category-defining podcast on CEO communications, I have written two books on the same subject and share my strategies in a blog on personal branding. My third book, Unignorable, will be published in September. 
Visit my website and make sure to become a member for free."
If there is ONE thing I would like you to take away is, upload your bio on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the single most important professional social network. It is crucial that you present yourself with professionalism on LinkedIn to take your career to the next level.

Yes, it’s not easy. But it’s crucial. Let me help.

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