3 strategies to grow your personal brand


How can you take your brand from where it is now to the next level?
You have set up your channels, built your website and people have started to know you and recognise you. But what’s next?
First, delight your customers to generate word-of-mouth buzz. This is not just doing a good job (that’s expected), but being positively remarkable.
If you promise 100% and deliver, you kept your word. If you promised 80% but delivered 100% – the last 20% being something surprising or special – your audience will be delighted, and your business can snowball.
Then, you need to own your platform.  
Social media will generate traffic and interest, but you can’t rely solely on that. Algorithms change frequently and you will be at the mercy of large tech companies.
That’s why you need to have a platform you control. If you grow an email list, publish a podcast or host your own show – you can be certain that you will reach your followers on a regular basis.
Finally, you want to raise awareness.
You want to be a figure that people remember. Show up at events, speak on panels and be the person that your community remembers – in digital and in real life.   
Be seen on a regular basis and be out there to build trust with your audience.
If you want to find out more about how to build a system to grow your brand, you can check out this week’s video.


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