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female entrepreneurs Feb 10, 2021

I’d like you to meet one of my friends, Dawn Barson.  
You probably know her story all too well…
...chasing strategy after strategy and course after course searching for the answers to make her business work.  
A 6-figure business was the dream and she watched every other female entrepreneur around her celebrate that milestone, while she was all over the place…. desperately trying to get something to work. 
If you’re there now, I get it. And, I want you to know that you’re not alone. So many entrepreneurs face these same challenges.
Whether you’re just starting out or making plans to scale—finding the right answers and the right strategies is crucial. 
Through trying to figure it all out, Dawn learned that it wasn’t hard work and long-hours that would get her results. It was something far more important, something so overlooked by so many female entrepreneurs. She thought she had to do “all of the things” to reach her goals, when in fact, she learned that less is actually more
Armed with this knowledge she quickly went from struggling to 6-figures in one year and to 7-figures two years later
Her heart and mind became focused on helping small businesses owners break through the marketing noise and prevent the mistakes that almost made her give up being an entrepreneur altogether. 
She talks about her journey alongside 21 other experts, including myself, in an upcoming FREE online event:
Zero to Fully Booked: Learn the mindset, client attraction and sales strategies to skyrocket your coaching business 
You can secure your free ticket here
This summit is for everyone interested in entrepreneurship. You will find it especially relevant for you if you are a female entrepreneur:

  1. Ready to leave their 9-5 and start their own business
  2. Just starting their coaching businesses 
  3. Have already begun, but are stuck in the next steps of their growth  

Here’s a quick overview of what Dawn will cover:

  • Create your signature program and find people who want to buy it
  • Crush your first (and next) launch
  • Put YOU in your social media 
  • Stop blocking your own success
  • Fill up your course using the pre-launch method

And so much more!
I’ll be a guest speaker at the event and contribute to what looks to be a knowledge-packed event.


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