How to become a digital thought-leader

What is the difference between influencers and digital thought-leaders? Influencers are individuals who promote a brand or product. Digital thought-leaders seek to influence how others think and act via a range of online channels. Digital thought-leadership is about starting and driving a conversation in the wider world.
What does a digital thought-leader say? First and foremost, you need to have a point of view. There is already enough “vanilla” online, so don’t add to it. Secondly, your content must bring value. It can offer inspiration, insight, practical advice, or emotional benefit. Valuable content is closely linked to your personal experiences, passions and ideas. 
It is too far stretched to say that all influence in our day and age must be digital. Some people do not have a social media presence and instead successfully use other forms of influence, such as speeches or media interviews. Generally speaking, however, shying away from digital is increasingly difficult and it means you miss out on a huge opportunity to reach target audiences. 
We are often asked whether a company or individual should prioritise quantity or quality. The answer is simple: there is no trade-off between quantity and quality. You need both, and the more quality content you post, the faster your accounts grow. 
In this video I break down how to make the most of your social media strategy.  

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