How to become #1 on the podcast charts

oliver aust podcasting Jan 23, 2021
If you want to be seen as a thought-leader in your industry or niche, podcasting is a must. And great fun. Recording episodes of Speak Like A CEO and The Unignorable Podcast is one of my favourite things. And we are not alone: my team is busy helping clients successfully launch their own podcasts. If you want to launch a #1 podcast, here’s how you go about it: 
  1. The three Ps of podcasting: People, Production, Promotion.

    Great guests make life a lot easier. And the good news is that people love to be invited on podcasts, so you can aim high with your invitations.

    In terms of production, you should pay careful attention to how you record and edit your episodes. For our podcasts, we use the Yeti Blue mics.

    Finally, you need to think about how to promote your podcast. Pick a clear, snappy title, and a strong, energetic theme song. You can either publicise the podcast on your own social media channels or create separate ones for the podcast.
  1. Apple Podcast charts: Podcasts are eligible for the New and Noteworthy category for up to 8 weeks after being published. The Apple staff handpicks the podcasts for this category.  In the General Charts, your ranking relies on number of downloads and new subscribers. An exact breakdown of the algorithm is kept secret by Apple. Apple treats its charts more like a hot list of what’s trending now, using metrics like new subscriptions.
  1. Spotify charts: Top Podcasts looks at the overall most popular podcasts. This chart takes into account overall recent audience size, providing an accurate picture of the most-listened-to shows. Trending Podcasts looks at timely patterns in popularity to identify the latest listening trends and up-and-coming podcasts. This chart takes into account climbs in audience size to capture buzzworthy moments.

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