How do you build a community?

unignorable Oct 07, 2020

If you truly want to be successful in today’s digital environment, selling products and services is no longer enough. You need to build a community around you. Networks of likeminded people are an invaluable resource in any aspect of your life.


Building a community takes conscious effort but the return on investment is high. As you provide them with valuable insights and content, they become active and engaged members of your community.


I recently had the opportunity to speak to Ronny Krieger, the general manager of Patreon Europe, about the importance of connection and interaction when building a strong community. His best advice? Never forget your first 100 customers. They will always be the most important, so don’t lose sight of who they are and how they feel. They are the reason you grew in the first place, and if they’re unsatisfied, that might be the reason you end up failing.


You can tune into my second episode of #TheUnignorablePodcast to listen to our full conversation. It was full of great insights, laughter and stories about the music industry, CrossFit and how to do things differently.


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