How to build your personal brand

personal branding Jun 26, 2020
Investing time and energy in a personal brand is not a vanity project. On the contrary, it can be just as important as building a corporate brand. Research by L.E.K. Consulting attributes nearly half (48%) of a company's reputation to that of its CEO, and this figure is only expected to rise.
Everyone has a reputation, but only those who curate and invest in their reputation can build a brand. The purpose of a personal brand is to ensure that everyone has the same positive impression of you. Whatever you decide, it is crucial to stand for something, have a topic you own, a unique point of view or be a leading expert in your field.
Like it or not, we live in the “Age of Positioning”, without a clear position your audience will be unsure about your true interests, what you stand for and what you hope to achieve. To be successful in the long run, a personal brand needs to be consistent and truthful. You need to have a point, show empathy and be your authentic self.
Once you are clear about your brand, the remaining challenge is making sure your story stands out amidst the information overload of the digital age. This is where your brand strategy comes in and outlines the necessary steps to successfully shaping how others perceive you.

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