How to make your event unignorable?

podcast unignorable Oct 30, 2020

On the fifth and final episode of The Unignorable Podcast, Oliver speaks to Jeannine Koch, Director at republica GmbH. 

re:publica Berlin is Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference. re:publica 19 counted more than 25.000 visits during the three conference days. With COVID-19, the 2020 event was a little different... with digital and hybrid formats.

Jeannine shares how they made this year's event UNIGNORABLE despite the challenges of the current situation.  The conference brought people together to discuss current issues of digital society, bringing together people from economics, politics, business, NGOs, media, marketing, activists, artists and more.

Take a listen to get an insight into how the events industry is changing and how to bring people together online.

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