How to stand out with podcasting

audience podcasting Jun 26, 2020
The rapid pace of change in today’s world means that communications strategies need to be constantly reviewed and updated. One effective way to boost your existing strategy is by starting a podcast.
Podcasting is a modern way of building a community, of reaching an audience and communicating your message. Furthermore, the medium has experienced a substantial rise in recent years. It is estimated that one out of every five Germans listens to a podcast regularly. 
The visibility benefits of podcasting are similar to those offered by social media channels, but with the advantage of tapping into a less crowded market. Whilst there are approximately 80 million Facebook business pages, there are only 700,000 podcasts airing. 
It is an incredibly intimate medium that gives the listener access to an informed and interesting conversation for an extended period of time. Research suggests that listening to the voice of the host regularly makes people become much more trusting of the brand behind the podcast. In fact, the latest studies show that in the UK, 25% of podcast listeners are more likely to purchase a product or brand promoted by a podcast host because they trust his or her judgement. 
Podcasts also provide the added advantage of giving organisations a cutting-edge channel, which they completely own and control. It can therefore become a central tool in your digital thought-leadership strategy.  

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