Not enough customers? It's your message

messaging Feb 25, 2021

First things first: What is message-market fit and why is it so important?
Your message-market fit is determined by how appealing the messaging sounds to your customer. 
If you are a founder, CEO or business leader you really want to nail this. With the right messaging, everything is made easier. It will attract the right people to your product, who want to be part of your journey and your brand.
To be successful in business you need both product-market fit and message-market fit. If you your product is not selling, it could be down to two things:
#1 Your product or service isn’t good. People don't like it and they just won’t buy it. 
#2 Your message isn't resonating with your audience.
Let’s hone in on the second point. 
Here’s a formula I’ve developed to ensure message-market fit. It includes the 5 things you really need:

1. Start off with your product or company name
2. Place it within a product category 
3. Spell out for whom it is (i.e. your target audience) 
4. Add the core benefit of your product and its unique differentiator 
5. Finish off with the customer pain point

Let’s have a quick look at Google’s message: “Google is a search engine for everyone who uses the internet, that helps people quickly find relevant information by having the best algorithms that deliver the fastest and most relevant results without clutter”.

Should this become your marketing copy? No. Rather, your positioning becomes the North Star Check for all of your communications.  

Now try it with your own business. 
One last tip: remember that communications is human-to-human. Forget B2B or B2C communications. I have always found that B2B or B2C communications is dry, and it lacks emotion. Think of yourself as a human, not a business, simply looking to communicate to another human.
If you take your message market fit seriously, and you nail it, I can assure you that you will see customers coming your way… and the customers you actually want.
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