Stop networking, start connecting


Is it possible to build meaningful connections in a predominantly digital world?
Forget networking. I believe that connecting with others is not a transactional exchange. Rather, it’s a genuine, human-to-human dialogue.
How should you go about it? It’s about finding a system that works for you, where you feel at ease when forging these connections.
You should feel comfortable to present yourself in an authentic and personable way to your audience. Think about what you can give to them, rather than what you can receive from them.
Over the years, I have found a formula that works for me. I will share how I do it, but as I said, it’s about developing a system that works for you.
Make sure connecting is part of your DAILY routine. Schedule a lunch or a coffee with someone new single day. My calendar is booked out with lunch meetings with new people every single day. Is that the time of day that you also prefer? 
Connecting in real life is key – at conferences, panel discussions, or at other occasions. If you are more comfortable with smaller groups, find relevant gatherings with no more than 10 people. Don’t forget to look up who will be attending and find out who you want to talk to. Not everyone may be relevant to you….
And then, think about digital connections. There are so many platforms out there that allow us to network. Do you have one of preference? I work very well with LinkedIn, and I can only recommend.
Find out more about how I have integrated connecting into my daily life in this week’s video.


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