The Unignorable Podcast - Out today!

I have some exciting news to share: today, I launched The Unignorable Podcast.
Want some top tips on how to build a personal brand and share your unique voice with the world? In this brand-new series, I sit down with a range of experts to do exactly this. Some of the amazing guests you can expect to hear form include Ronny Krieger from Patreon to Jill & Julia from Bear Radio.
In the very first episode, I ask the following: What does it mean to be unignorable? For me, being unignorable means building a reputation you love that boosts your business or career. We all have a reputation, so why not have one you love that it true and authentic to us?

In conversation with Kat Brendel, entrepreneur, podcaster and storyteller, we explore how, in the digital age, being good at your job is no longer enough.
To be truly successful, you must be both talented and visible. Building an authentic personal brand is the key to getting the recognition you deserve and the opportunities you dream of.
You can listen to my chat with Kat in full on Spotify or Apple.
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