30 Easy Steps To Build Your Personal Brand: The Unignorable Challenge

As you may already know, my new book Unignorable will be out soon. Want to win a free copy? Keep reading to find out how…

Unignorable shows you how to build your personal brand and boost your business in 30 days. I wrote the book because so many people want to be recognised for their great work but somehow don’t succeed. The book gives you all the strategies needed to break through that barrier. 

For me, unignorable means building a reputation you love that boosts your business or career. We all have a reputation, so why not have one you love that it true and authentic to us? 

The opposite of being unignorable is being invisible. In this economy, that’s pretty risky, and a lot of people are worried about the future. 

That’s why today I am launching the #UnignorableChallenge. From Monday to Friday, I will guide you through 30 easy steps to becoming unignorable on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram.

The steps will be short and easy to create momentum for you. Together, we will build a reputation that you love.

Join in on the #UnignorableChallenge for your chance to win a copy of the book Unignorable before it’s available to the public. There are 10 copies up for grabs! For your chance to win, join me on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #UnignorableChallenge or tag a friend who might be interested in completing the challenge as well.

I look forward to this journey with you.  

So let’s start now!


Become unignorable and build your personal brand

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