Why you should launch a podcast (or not)

Podcasts are 2-3 times more effective than the written word. 

Why? Because we humans love a great story. And because podcasts are an intimate medium that creates trust. 

Podcasts are sought out by educated and affluent consumers for entertainment and education. As a host or guest, they give you quality time with an audience and an opportunity to position yourself as a trusted expert in your field.  
There are two ways to use podcasting for your personal brand. 

#1 Be a guest on a podcast
As a guest, you can reach an entirely new audience and take advantage of the listener base that someone else has built. A good podcast host will ask questions that let you shine. If a listener likes you, the chances are that they will have a look for other things that you have done and come across your personal website or social media profiles. Hosts are always looking for guests, so it's not that hard to get invited if you pitch a good story. 

#2 Launch your own
With your very own podcast, you can have insightful conversations with people in your industry. It also gives you an excuse to meet and get to know new, exciting people, almost like the ultimate networking tool. And not only can you meet them, you get to spend quality time with them, exchanging ideas about something you are all passionate about. 

2 years ago, my colleague Lena and I launched our very own podcast. 74 episodes later, Speak Like A CEO is still a passion project. And an exciting way to build my brand and business, as we get to talk to CEOs and founders every week about how they build their reputation.  

This summer we launched a special summer edition, Expert on Expert, where we chat to chief communicators from some of the world’s leading companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, Delivery Hero and Allianz.

If you are interested in how some of the world’s best leaders and communicators build their reputation, you can listen to it on Apple or Spotify.

Keep an eye out for more exciting podcast news … as we may have a new podcast dedicated to personal branding coming out soon … especially for you….

My book Unignorable, coming out this September, includes a section dedicated to podcasts, covering the 3 P’s of podcasting: People, Production and Promotion. I look forward to sharing these insights with you.   

A word of caution: not everyone should launch a podcast. You need a clear objective, a topic you are passionate about and consistency. Too many are launched with the expectation that you just get some big names on, grow it quickly and then monetise the audience. Which explains why most podcasts are abandoned after a few episodes. 


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