The quickest way to define your brand


One of the most crucial questions to ask yourself when building a personal brand is: what is my brand?
Here’s a quick two-step formula that will help you define your brand identity and your brand pillars.
A brand identity is based around the one thing, the one topic, you want to be known for. Like it or not, we usually associate one person with one topic.
When building your brand, you want to become synonymous with one topic. But …
This one topic may lack the heart and soul you need for people to really trust and engage with you and your brand.
This is where your brand pillars come in. Brand pillars encourage human connection – a tangible bond – between your topic and your audience. Three to five pillars is a good number.
If you are a female founder, for instance, one of your brand pillars can be female entrepreneurship. Or if you have a hobby like mountaineering or music, you may want to consider this hobby as a brand pillar.
I like to think about my brand pillars as the human touch that I can bring to my brand.
But where should you talk about these pillars? Is it LinkedIn? Instagram? When thinking about your pillars, it is important to take the time to Identify which brand pillar is most appropriate for which channel.
In this week’s video, I talk about brand identity and brand pillars – and to make sense of it all, I draw these two concepts into what I like to call a Content Compass.
To be clear, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when building a brand. Different personalities work with different ambitions. Think Gary V vs Seth Godin – the prominent marketeers with completely different approaches to fostering their brands.
Do it your own way and play to your strengths. Stay in your genius zone and you will come across as authentic, engaged and interesting.
If you want to find out more about brand pillars and brand identity, you can watch this week’s video.


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