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Not enough customers? It's your message

First things first: What is message-market fit and why is it so important?
Your message-market fit is determined by how appealing the messaging sounds to your customer. 
If you are a founder, CEO or business leader you really want to nail this. With the right messaging, everything is made easier. It will attract the right people to your product, who want to be part of your journey and your brand.
To be successful in business you need both product-market fit and...

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Radical Vulnerability: How Tina Müller saved Douglas

How much should you share on LinkedIn? For Tina Müller, ‘almost everything’ seems to be the winning formula.
Tina Müller, CEO of the perfumery chain Douglas, has successfully turned around a company that was struggling to adapt to the challenges of e-commerce. In less than two years, her messaging and active social media presence on both Twitter and LinkedIn have changed the face of the failing company.  
The effect of this on the business is...
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