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How to become unignorable in the media

Are the media still relevant? You bet, at least if you want credibility and reach a big audience. And if you do it right (i.e you give them an interesting story), it is essentially free. Having worked with the media for the past 20 years, let me share 4 tips on how to become unignorable in the media: 

  1. Choose the right targets

The most effective media outreach is targeted to publications in your field because their audience will already be interested in your key topic. These trade...

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How to sell your book like crazy

When I set out to write Unignorable I wanted to reach at least 10,000 people affected by the pandemic and its consequences and help them thrive. A few months later, I found myself at the #1 spot in 6 countries on Amazon.
The journey to self-publishing a bestseller has been demanding, but it has also been highly rewarding personally and for my business. Now I want to share my key learnings with you. Here's how my book sold like crazy:

  1. Ask the 3 key questions at the beginning


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How to become #1 on the podcast charts

If you want to be seen as a thought-leader in your industry or niche, podcasting is a must. And great fun. Recording episodes of Speak Like A CEO and The Unignorable Podcast is one of my favourite things. And we are not alone: my team is busy helping clients successfully launch their own podcasts. If you want to launch a #1 podcast, here’s how you go about it: 
  1. The three Ps of podcasting: People, Production, Promotion.

    Great guests make life a lot easier....
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