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How to launch your own podcast in 6 steps

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to start a podcast from scratch. It is no secret that I love podcasting. I first launched the podcast How to Speak Like a CEO with my colleague Lena Carlson back in 2018. More recently, I launched a second podcast called #TheUnignorablePodcast to celebrate the launch of my new book, Unignorable (out on 13 October 2020).

Podcasting as a whole has experienced a substantial rise in interest in recent years. It is estimated that one in five...

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What does it mean to be unignorable?

In the digital age, being good at your job is unfortunately not enough. To be truly successful, you must be both talented and visible. Building an authentic personal brand is the key to getting the recognition you deserve and the opportunities you dream of.
This is the premise I wanted to explore when I started writing my latest book. The name Unignorable came later on.
So what exactly does it mean to be unignorable?
For me being unignorable means building a reputation...
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Why you should launch a podcast (or not)

Podcasts are 2-3 times more effective than the written word. 

Why? Because we humans love a great story. And because podcasts are an intimate medium that creates trust. 

Podcasts are sought out by educated and affluent consumers for entertainment and education. As a host or guest, they give you quality time with an audience and an opportunity to position yourself as a trusted expert in your field.  
There are two ways to use podcasting for your personal...

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How to stand out with podcasting

The rapid pace of change in today’s world means that communications strategies need to be constantly reviewed and updated. One effective way to boost your existing strategy is by starting a podcast.
Podcasting is a modern way of building a community, of reaching an audience and communicating your message. Furthermore, the medium has experienced a substantial rise in recent years. It is estimated that one out of every five Germans listens to a podcast regularly. 
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