How to generate buzz for your business

Generating media coverage has been the cornerstone of my career. I have given over 1,000 media interviews in my career and am constantly coming up with stories that the press would want to publish.

A story in a respected media outlet can be a huge boost for your professional brand. Media coverage introduces you to a new audience and can cement your credibility in your field.

Traditional media continues to be read and absorbed by millions of influential and engaged individuals every day, so a positive article has the capacity to create connections and opportunities that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

To create media interest, you need a story that is made for the media. You need an excellent headline to attract clicks. If you develop a story that can be boiled down to a single, intriguing sentence, you’re onto a winner.

From nailing your key message, to identifying publications and how to pitch, let me show you my method to generating buzz for your business here.

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