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🎙  Oliver on the Most Awesome Founder Podcast

Mastering communications for start-ups

Oliver chats to Gerrit McGowan about how to master your communications as a start-up founder. They discuss message-Market-Fit and how to avoid getting too granular too quickly. Oliver also explains how storytelling is such a key part of his work. Gerrit and Oliver discuss how to balance between building your business and your personal brand. 

🎙  Making the magic of personal branding happen

Mastering the Unignorable System

In this episode of Speak Like A CEO, Oliver goes in depth about his philosophy around personal branding, with marketing expert Dawn Barson. Oliver tells us about the 4Ms of personal branding – Mindset, Motivation, Message, Method. Giving us insights into golden rules of personal branding, he takes us on a journey to marketing ourselves in order to become truly unignorable.

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🎙  Oliver on the IABC EMENA podcast


Personal Branding for Success with Oliver Aust & Fady Ramzy

Have you ever wondered how to shape and craft how others see you?

Personal branding experts Oliver Aust and Fady Ramzy bring two perspectives to this topic for our International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) EMENA Region podcast. Relevant for professionals at all levels!

🎙  Oliver on the Start up Insider Read Only Podcast

Discussion with Prof. Claudia Ossola-Haring 

In the seventh episode of "read only", Startup Insider talks to business journalist Prof. Dr. Claudia Ossola-Haring, who presents her book "Founding a Start-up? Clear first-hand answers", as well as Oliver Aust, CEO & Founder of Eo Ipso Communications, who talks to us about his book "Unignorable, Build Your Personal Brand and Boost Your Business in 30 Days".

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🎙 Oliver on the Inside Podcast


Personal Branding: Does it attract or deter candidates?

Most of the time, HR officials will say their job is not to shape the culture of the company, but rather to maintain and safeguard it. We tend to disagree. Founders and C-level managers are equally responsible for forging the perception of the brand.

Where does personal branding come into place?



🎙  Oliver on the Happy Works Podcast

Wie baut man eine erfolgreiche persönliche Marke auf?

In unserer neuen happy works. Podcast Folge sprechen wir mit Oliver Aust darüber, wie man es schafft eine einzigartige Personal Brand aufzubauen; wie man herausfindet, was einen selbst und/oder das eigene Unternehmen einzigartig macht und darüber, wie man es schafft, neben einem Vollzeit-Job in einem Jahr 3 Bücher zu schreiben.

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🎙  Oliver on the Christian Conrad Podcast

About being unignorable and magnetic


Reputation is unavoidable – so have one you actually love – unignorable & magnetic. Today´s episode tells us about why tooting one´s own horn is not only no longer shameful but rather a perfectly fine necessity of our times, how company culture and reputation of a business are so interlinked, they resemble twin siblings and why creating connection through relationship is magnetic and will make customers and employees come to you and wanting to stay.

💬  Oliver's interview in Mindspace Me Magazine

Personal branding: It is not enough to just do a good job nowadays

You are an author and the CEO of Eo Ipso Communications. What came first? 

I have always wanted to write books. As a small child, I had an old typewriter from my dad.  I wrote my own newspaper. I always had this idea in the back of my mind that I wanted to write books. 

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💬  Oliver's piece on #FuturePRoof Blog


Why ALL communications professionals need a strong personal brand

Today building a personal brand is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity in order for PR practitioners to succeed professionally. We all know plenty of people who are good – even great – at what they do, but never get the recognition they deserve. They always seem to fall short of winning clients or getting that promotion. Of course, being good at what you do is crucial for success, but it is not the only factor in the equation.

💬  Jörg Rheinboldt's Medium article about Unignorable 

 I just finished reading Unignorable by Oliver Aust. I read it over the last few days, and as I had a few days off, I worked a bit on my “reading system.”

Oliver’s book is about building your personal brand, and one of the things to do is sharing. This post is a book review and a look at my current “reading tech stack.” My reading system: I read quite a lot. When I read fiction, I just read and enjoy it.

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🎙  Oliver on the Women in Fashion Podcast


Gute Arbeit alleine heute ausreicht nicht mehr

Oliver Aust ist einer der führenden Experten für Kommunikation und Personal Branding in Europa. Er berät zahlreiche namhafte Persönlichkeiten und Organisationen und hilft ihnen dabei, ihre Reputation auf die nächste Stufe zu heben. Er ist Co-Host des Podcasts „Speak Like a CEO“

🎙  Oliver on the Communication on Point Podcast


Building your personal brand with Oliver Aust

In today's digital economy, it isn't enough that you do great work - the world needs to hear about it. In this episode, my guest is Oliver Aust. As a communication trainer, coach, and author of the upcoming personal branding book "Unignorable" - he shares his process for how people can amplify their reputation.

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🎙  Oliver on the Clever2gether Podcast

Personal Branding & Media Management - It's easier than you think

Have you always wondered what makes people unignorable? If you want to find out more about how to become this person then tune into tomorrow's podcast episode with myself and Oliver Aust. We'll be sharing our media training tips and tricks, some crisis management nuggets of knowledge and we'll be busting some myths about effective communication in business. 


🎙  Oliver on the Insiders Podcast


Strategic Communications in 2020

In this episode George Phillips talks to strategic communications expert, Oliver Aust. 

George and Oliver discuss the importance of social media for CEOs in the 21st century, crisis communications in light of the global pandemic, and how students looking to pursue a career in strategic communications can stand out from the crowd. 

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🏆  Oliver as a PRWeek Global Awards Jury


January 2020 Awards

Oliver was nominated to take part in the 7th edition of the #PRWeekGlobalAwards as a judge. He reviewed bold and forward-thinking communications campaigns and PR agencies from across the globe, alongside other judges from leading international companies. The PRWeek Global Awards are an opportunity to recognise the power of communications as a key factor in the growth of global businesses.

💬  Oliver's piece on #FuturePRoof Blog


Why communications is a hard skill, and what it means for CEOs

Today, mastering communications is not simply a matter of adding another string to your bow. Communications has become a fundamental or hard skill not just for communicators, but also for CEOs, executives and anyone with ambition. Without excellent communication, it is almost impossible to succeed in the 2020s. This has a profound impact on the way in-house or external communications advisors interact with their CEOs or clients.

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