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The Unignorable Course

Build your brand in 30 days

  • 30 day programme with 2 modules a week
  • Weekly reminders to keep you on track
  • Personal Branding workbook
  • Weekly newsletter from Oliver with strategies & tips

Designed to get you moving


The Unignorable Master's Program

Next level personal branding for ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders (Only available in German)

  • The only Personal Branding Master Programme you will ever need
  • 5-week rolling programme 
  • Weekly live coaching 
  • E-copies of Unignorable and Mastering Communications
  • Private Facebook group for day-to-day interactions

The Unignorable Transformation

Take your brand to the next level

  • One-on-one VIP coaching 
  • Tough love, guidance, honesty and challenges
  • Execution strategies to enhance your personal brand
  • Overcome a career plateau
  • Boost your revenue 
  • Make a positive impact on the world
  • Become a key opinion leader in your industry within 90 days

This program is designed for those really keen to grow a brand.


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