The Unignorable Master's Programme


The invisible don’t reach their full potential, build successful businesses or get the recognition they deserve.

The unignorable do.

Become a key opinion leader

Overcome a career plateau 

Turn visibility into revenue 

In the digital age, being great at what we do is no longer enough. For real success – more freedom, more money, more time – we need to be visible. We need to be unignorable.


You feel stuck in your
You don’t get the recognition you deserve.
You lack clarity on your goals and purpose.
You’re unsure about your message.
You feel your business has more room to grow.


Despite these feelings, there's never been a better time to invest in your personal brand and your reputation.


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Unignorable is a proven process that gets you results

Create crystal clarity about your strategy and goals

Done with wasting your time on social media and no clear idea about where you are going? Learn how to gain visibility, whilst saving 1 hour per day

Become a key opinion leader in your

Looking to gain real traction online and offline? Craft a powerful personal statement, message and signature speech that can double your income

Stop chasing leads and make business come to you instead

Crack the code of leveraging your brand and visibility to stop doing what you hate the most.

Benefit from the evidence-based formula that I use with CEOs paying 50k+/year 

Get access to the Unignorable method and formula that I use with my 1-2-1 coaching clients and refined in 20 years working in communications at the highest level.


By the end of this programme, you will never again wonder what it really takes to succeed in business or to become a thought-leader. You will be empowered with the strategies, tactics and messages to create extraordinary long-term results. You feel a new sense of confidence knowing where to focus your energy and to spend time most effectively.  

What makes this programme different?


Your plan to become unignorable

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Become unignorable

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Why 5 Weeks?



Enter the 5-week programme to build your brand in live coaching sessions with Oliver. Join an online community of ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders to scale up your brand and reach your most audacious goals. 

Module 1: Mindset & Motivation

Develop the right mindset that will help you achieve things you would never have dreamt of.

Module 2: Strategy & Systems

Build a system that maximises your results and puts you on track to become a thought-leader.

Module 3: Message

Craft a clear and powerful message, pitch and story to establish your personal monopoly.

Module 4: Method

Develop the method that is right for you & your specific circumstances to ensure long-term success.

Module 5: Mastery

Use your personal brand to create opportunities that demonstrate your expert-level knowledge in your field. 

Bonus: Becoming a superconnector 

Build trust within your community to ensure that your brand results in business growth. 

If you are dissatisfied with our service and course, we guarantee you a full refund within two weeks of time of purchase. Send us an email at [email protected] to process your request! 

Your master programme includes:

  • 5-week training with Oliver
  • An on-demand online course, with video lessons and worksheets
  • Weekly live group training sessions
  • The bestseller Unignorable - Build Your Personal Brand and Boost Your Business in 30 Days
  • Daily Q&A in a private group

A journey I know well...

Emerging stronger from a crisis and become unignorable is a journey that I went through. Ten years ago, I had a great job: I was responsible for communications at easyJet. However, following a management shake-up, I had to leave. This was gutting, but I already had an idea: build my own communications consultancy. 

There was one big problem, and it was a global problem. The world had just come out of a recession. Plus, I had no clients, no office, no team and I could no longer rely on the clout of a well-known company to open doors for me. To top it off, I only had a few months’ worth of savings to sustain myself. 

How did I solve this dilemma? To draw in clients, I needed to develop my reputation. I knew a lot of relevant people, but they needed to see me as a credible advisor. At the time, I didn’t realise that what I needed was personal branding. 

Drawing on my skills and contacts, I worked to develop a personal brand online and offline, to establish myself as  a trusted advisor. It worked a treat and my company took off.

Today, I am a best-selling author, having published three books on the topics of leadership communications and personal branding. I co-host a podcast Speak Like A CEO, where I interview CEOs and founders each week. I am also a mentor and coach, helping other CEOs and leaders to become unignorable.


What others say...

Konstanty Sliwowski, CEO Caissa Global

I joined the Master's Programme and learnt the fundamentals of personal branding. It really boosted my visibility online. The membership gave me the tools to brand myself and my business with professionalism. It was great to be part of such a motivated cohort of leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Rebecca Schween, Managing Director & Co-founder at Future Sales

I found the whole experience really inspiring, learning how to develop my ideas and incorporate my personal experiences and then applying them to our business. I started seeing a difference from day one and went from visible to unignorable. 

My investment

The Unignorable Master's Programme

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Become unignorable for €896

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3 payments of €332


The Unignorable Master's Programme VIP option

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3 payments of €432
The VIP experience
In addition to the full programme, you'll also get

1) A private 1-to-1 Unignorable Session with Oliver to go deeper into your specific needs and help you reach the next level for your business and life

2) An additional VIP group training and coaching session with Oliver